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The Ultimate Theme Experience

  A theme park is “a world of fantasy where the guests of the will be brought to a daydream, flight of imaginations and magical journey”. From that description of theme park we developed the concept of Habtoorland.

Habtoorland is a new concept for providing both, entertainment and education, in a pleasant environment. It is an escape into a fantasy world of rides, attractions & leisure at a level not previously experienced in Lebanon.

The unique theme park is being developed on a plot of land located in Harat El Sit near Jamhour, just off Beirut – Damascus hi-way. With a total land area is 107,000 sq. m, the park will be a joyful venue for one and a half million of visitors every year.        

Habtoorland will have ample parking spaces for cars and buses. The grand entrance and the main building will be the main meeting and starting point.

The main concept of the park is to provide high caliber entertainment for all age groups, coupled with educational objectives, which will lead you down the paths of history, geography, biology and physics, with plenty of creative attractions, unparalleled in the region.

The basic theme emanates from the heart of the Phoenician civilization and heritage, in which both myth and history are blended together. The visitor is escorted back in time, venturing along the Mediterranean coasts, where the Phoenician state ounce flourished, tracing the foot steps and sea explorations of Hannibal and Elissar from Tyre and Byblos to Carthage, Spain, Sardinia, Sicily and other Phoenician settlements. Amphitheater for 1800 pax  to host  plays & big concerts , restaurants with different kind of cuisines ( Fast food & Fine dining)  , Nursery, Edutainment children corner ,  Souk, Musical fountains, Laser shows, Monorail and  entertainment rides (Roller coasters, Rapid river and other family and thrill rides)  are the main components of the Park

Habtoorland will incorporate an endless mix of day and night activities. It is an escape into a world where your imagination is the limit. It is a world that delights the child in all of us. It is an escape into a fantasy and kingdom of rides, attraction and leisure at inexperienced level.

To dream with eyes wide open - the visitor will be amazed by the fantastic shows and parades that will take place in the park. And the daily laser shows will light the darkness of the Jamhour nights.

Habtoorland has been designed to appeal to the widest tourist segments considering gender, age groups and activity preferences.

Habtoorland will be just that, a beautiful themed environment, which will definitely place the Dubai based Al Habtoor Group on the pioneering edge of a new industry in Lebanon.

The rides for Habtoorland were selected based on sensation generation and range from a white knuckle, high adrenalin signature ride, through to interactive family rides and down to some serious action and fun for the smaller children. A walk in the park is never going to be the same again. The rides have been purchased from the most reputable and respected ride manufacturers in the world.

The bird show is one of the many activities that will be on offer during a day in the Park. Apart from being entertaining, the bird show will have educational value. It will exhibit species such as the African Fish Eagle, Harris Hawk, Rock Kestrell, Spotted Eagle Owl and a variety of Macaw Parrots.

So, we can’t wait to welcome you soon in Habtoorland!


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