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  Adam Piers Pope at sixteen has brought home accolades any parent would be proud of.  His recent IGCSE results have shown a straight score seven A’s and one B, with Arabic results still to be declared.  This wars matter of pride of Mr. Khalaf Al-Habtoor, who wrote, “I’m so happy and glad to hear that you did a great job in your exams Adam.  I wish you very good luck and I have no doubt that you have an extremely bright future ahead of you”

“Adam sets a very high standard for himself”, says one of his teachers, and so he should; after all, his first teacher and mentor was his father, Leslie Pope, one-time Editor of the Al Shindagah Magazine, and later Director of research for the Al Habtoor group, who passed away tragically last year.

Adam has always been a good student, achieving consistently high grades academically and athletically, and his love of the Dramatic Arts and Basketball is well known amongst his teachers and peer group.

As a child, his father encouraged him to read – poetry, Brian Jacques, Terry Pratchett, and even the unabridged edition of Dracula! Often he read to Adam at bedtime, changing voices and accents, gesticulating and playacting.  In later years, he broadened his son’s horizons by having discussions on varied topics whilst driving to school each morning.  Having an extensive library at home helped – a library that has science fiction, “who-done-its”, satires and biographies.  Adam discovered a similar affinity with the desert that Leslie had, and has chosen to do projects on Arab history, social-culture and traditions.  Leslie Pope has left a lasting legacy in his son, a love for the written word and a passion for the Arab culture.

When he completes his education at the Emirates International School, Dubai, Adam will be going to Medical School.  He is not sure what he would like to specialize in eventually, but feels it would most likely be Pediatrics, or Oncology.  His father succumbed to Mesothelioma, a rare form of cancer.  Adam has designed a website that now assists patients, carers and family of Mesothelioma sufferers.

As he starts the new term, we at Al Shindagah Magazine wish him another successful academic year, knowing that his hard work will keep him on top of the game for all the years to come.  Well Done Adam!


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