On the 35th anniversary of Al Habtoor Group and with firm belief in the leadership of H. H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Al Habtoor Group is now more determined to pursue their investment expanding plans in line with strategic plan launched HH the Ruler. Many projects for the group are currently in the pipeline, following the brilliant achievements on all levels.

It has been 35 years of continuous achievements, thanks to God, during which the Country has witnessed increasing growth that placed it among the most advanced countries in the World in the fields of economy and development, if not beyond any comparison in this regard.

In the past years the government channeled huge investments to various sectors, and the

BURJ DUBAI: is currently the tallest high-rise building in the world. When it is completed in 2009, it will be the tallest man-made structure in the world

 country continues to expand in line with the strategic master-plan which will benefit every UAE citizen and expatriate.

Our country has seen grand scale development on all economic and social levels. The sense of security and stability prevails in all investment fields, as the government undertakes to protect the rights of investors.

Al Habtoor Group of companies that follow the general trends of the government have moved to advanced and prosperous technical and financial positions. An as I have said, we are expanding our fields and scopes according to the said plan.

Dubai has become the destination of Arab and western tourism around the year, because of its outstanding geographic location, luxurious hotels, prosperous markets, and unique shopping centers. In addition to that, it continues to attract large numbers of businessmen, merchants, and high-end market tourists who enjoy its beaches and golden sands as well as Arab famous hospitality and creative activities launched by Government of Dubai.

Our government-led corporations are now equal to the world class giants. Emirates Airlines, for example, has reached advanced position with a very clear edge. It does not only compete in performance and results with leading world airlines, but actually going beyond them.

Dubai’s service sector is now among the most advanced worldwide and provides the population in the emirate with the best breed of communications, infrastructures, transportation, healthcare services, and social services.

Local companies have sustained international competition and managed to run ahead of foreign counterparts. Their successes have been a crucial component of our national development.

Some of Dubai’s corporations have actually been the focus of the world’s admiration due to their huge achievements, economic credibility, and more than expected feasibility.

Dubai has been the world leader on the development level. It continues its way in the same level of consistency and resolution toward a better tomorrow. As UAE citizens and businessmen, we have a deep belief in the future of our country. Our country’s plan are futuristic, visionary and long-term ones that taking into consideration not only our generation but also coming generations to build a better future.

The UAE has a truly deserved distinguished ranking among world countries due to the wisdom and far sighted vision of its leadership which has a deep confidence in the abilities of its people. Our investments have entered every corner of the world and had very positive impacts on the development in any country the have been in.

A glance at the results of public and private investments in recent years confirms what we have been always saying: the return on investment in the UAE in general and Dubai in particular is almost above any comparison. Therefore, it has not been astonishing that regional and international investors have been flocking to our country. On the corporate level, our strategic decision is to keep consistent and to support our locally formulated

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