the abuse of Islam

By Khalaf Al-Habtoor

Everyday international media present us with news about political groups bearing Islamic names and claiming their being representatives of Islamic faith and Muslims.

The phenomenon is not a product of some newly born circumstances. It has been bred for many years by now. And today its backgrounds are being highlighted so everybody will discover that the real objective behind this has been to derogate Islam and Muslims.

We have seen samples of these shady groups around the world from Spain to Germany, UK, and the US. The so-called Islamic X group announces its responsibility for an explosion here and Y of Islam group adopts an act of terror there, to the rest of these savage names and terms that discredit Islam and Muslims.

Under the banner of “Islam”, some suspect and marginalized groups deliberately act to destabilize the security and peaceful life in some western countries in which they found hospitable shelter. There they found the butter and bred, their babies’ milk, democracy, protection, freedom, social security, stable life, equality with the natives, the freedom of transport and work, and even the passport.

However, some of those cursed the hands that had pulled them out of the abyss to the oasis of humanity. Not only this, sometimes they disguise under the cloak of Islam to run criminal groups that relish killing, bombing, and destabilizing the countries in which they have found a lot of lost wrights in their homelands.

Moreover, again under the banner of Islam, some of those who have been deprived of the freedom of speech in their original countries do not think twice before savaging constitutions and systems of governance in their new western countries.

They forget how they have been kicked out of their homelands by despots and abuse the atmosphere of liberty in the West to promote the idea of destabilizing the same principles that have given them the freedom of expression and respect for their humanity and civil rights.

Always in the name of Islam, but the faith has nothing to do with those suicidal criminals and enemies of life. Those enemies of humanity claim that the carnages and terrorizing murderers in some places of the world are acts of “martyrdom”. How can any one believe that this killing of human souls strictly sanctified by Islam and all other faiths, to be acts of martyrdom?

Depending on what right, law or principle do these criminals attach their crimes to Islam? To the benefit of who do they commit these crimes? Whom do they serve by discrediting Islam? Who is the mastermind behind this orchestrated grand conspiracy against Islam and Muslims?

We only know the suspect names of these groups when they adopt their crimes, but who is moving the strings from behind the curtains, from the ugly dim rooms?

All of us have interest in finding the answer. We, Muslims, will not accept this abuse of our great faith. Muslims are clear of these names.

Islam is the religion of openness, tolerance and compassion. Islam strictly outlaws any aggression against the souls, properties and livings. Terror and vandalism are deeply abhorred by Islam. No coercion in Islamic faith which strictly protects the rights, souls, values, security of all people.

These are the principles of Islam. They are clear in every Islamic texts and every Muslim soul. They are the basis for every ideological education. And all this Islamic rhetoric by these groups is no more than lies by pretending hypocrites full of hatred against the very essence of our faith.

We do not know where these forces are being bred or how they are spread. But we are fully aware that their objective is the defaming the image of Islamic culture. We cannot accept that some perverted groups that have disregarded their direction to attach their crimes and lies to Islam. The faith promoted by those mercenaries has nothing to do with the Islamic faith.

The phenomenon of abusing the name of Islam must be vigorously dealt with. It is a matter of real emergency. Governments must take action, even if this will take the prevention of using Islamic names for any political activities, or even business activities. Things must be rectified. Islam name must be far from being unconsciously used, even by banks and other businesses.

How can companies and businesses work under Islamic names while nobody knows for sure how they are run. I don’t want to discredit anyone, but Islamic faith must be above this politicization and commercialization. This is the responsibility of Arabs and Muslims and nobody else. We must stand for our responsibility of preventing this daily abuse of our faith.


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