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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Gulf Precision Metals

by Reem Mahmoud

Set up in the early 1990’s, Gulf Precision Metals came into being at a time when the construction industry in the country had begin the shift towards quality and workmanship.

It was also the time when demand for high quality craftsmanship in architectural metalwork’s began to grow. With spires, balustrades and decorative works in metal becoming a popular and elegant attraction of many a club, home and building, the need for such a firm was a natural extension of this effect.

According to a company spokesman, Gulf Precision Metals is today the premier firm in its field, and examples of their work can be found in many major homes and buildings throughout the Emirates and beyond. Such works include balustrades in bronzer, brass and stainless steel, interior and exterior doors, canopies, showcases and others.

And at a time when the level of service has become a primary criterion for success, the company’s comprehensive service programme provides it an extra edge. Their in-house team of designers and architectural engineers begin the first stage of the process, while the technical department uses the latest AutoCAD systems to complete the fabrication and erection of the designs. Uniquely for this part of the world, the company also provides a round the clock, post completion maintenance service.

That level of service, says the company, is perhaps one of the major reasons why so many of their clients have opted to have the company control the job from start to finish. The Dubai factory, for instance, is a fully equipped modern unit staffed with a full compliment of professional engineers, welders and machinists. To back up this level investment, Gulf Precision also maintains a comprehensive inventory of parts.

“Work is the focus of building quality,” said one company official. “Design, materials, finishes and quality control, all play a vital part in transforming the talent of leading architects into hard, and sometimes cold, fact. But it is our ability to do that which has made us reliable – and why you will find our work in so many places in the country.” 

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