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Saturday, July 20, 2024
Fearless man of words
Issue 98
by Linda S. Heard
Mohammed Hassanein Heikal - a writer who has devoted his life to revealing the truthRead more
Guy Snelling (1943-2000)
Issue 33
by The Media Office
It is with deep sadness that we announce the death of Guy Snelling, General Manager of our Metropolitan Palace Hotel, Dubai, after a long struggle against...Read more
Sultan Al Owais
Issue 33
by The Media Office
On 4 January of this millennium the UAE lost one of its most prominent sons, Sultan Al Owais – poet, businessman, and philanthropist. Dr Shihab M Ghanem...Read more
First Service
Issue 31
by The Media Office
Few people are lucky enough to make a career out of a childhood obsession, but that is exactly what 32 year-old Samer Ghazi has done at the Metropolitan...Read more
A Higher Learning
Issue 23
by Alex Philips
The young women of the UAE are aiming high, as Alex Phillips finds out Read more
Abdullah Abdel Rahim Al Fahim
Issue 16
by Reem Mahmoud
A business interview with Abdullah Abdel Rahim Al Fahim. The last twenty years has seen 'branded' perfume and cosmetics from Europe spread throughout the...Read more
Dr. Amina Khalifa
Issue 16
by Reem Mahmoud
A Woman of Distinction. One of the main features of the intensive social development in the United Arab Emirates during the last two decades has been the...Read more
Abu Yusuf Ya'qub Al Kindi
Issue 14
by Mervat Arabi
The first important philosopher in Islam, and student of Science and Medicine. Abdullah Al Ma’mun, the Caliph of Baghdad, lay restless in his royal...Read more