Mun Chi
Arrives in Dubai at Habtoor Grand Resort & Spa

For those who fancy fiery Thai delights, there’s Mun Chi, and for those who crave for authentic Sushi, the new Thai Restaurant & Sushi Bar at Habtoor Grand Resort & Spa serves an appetizing array.
Open for dining from 12:30 in the afternoon to 11:00 in the late evening, this unique restaurant promotes authentic Thai cuisine alongside the beach.
Set over two floors and a large outside terrace, the mood is one of the ‘chilled’ chic in a setting, which embraces the blue Arabian Gulf, the lush tropical gardens and the pristine white beach.
Backed by a team of highly talented Thai and Japanese Chefs who create the most interesting culinary delights, Mun Chi’s a la carte menu features a whole new assortment of Thai dishes for everyone’s taste.
Guests can choose from starter specialties like “Satay Gai”, “Mun Chi Agaw Noung”, “Yam Woon Sen” or the “Som Tam Goong Sod”. For soups one can try the spicy “Tom Yam Goong” or the milder “Tom Kha Gai”. Main courses are delectable affairs with dishes like “Ped Paak King Mun Chi”, “Neua Pad Nam Man Hoi” or seafood specials like “Poo Phad Pong Kra Ree” and “Gaeng Dang Goong”. For vegetarians there’s a whole load of appetizing Thai vegetable dishes like “Yam Woon Seen Je” and “Som Tam Je”; which are just the beginning of a long line up. And to finish off the meal there’s an exotic selection of authentic Thai desserts that would be a fitting finale to a great Thai dining experience. Sweet temptations like “Pandan Cake” or “Mango Cream Timbali” are some among them.
Equally tempting is the array of Sushi delicacies. The spellbinding Japanese culinary treat comes in three distinct a la carte menus – Nigiri, Maki and Sashimi. Nigiri presents the most typical form of sushi, whereas Maki, which stands for, rolls in Japanese, features the finest Sushi rolls. Meanwhile, Sashimi offers great tasting fresh raw fish delicacies. With all these and more, Mun Chi offers guests an exclusive bar to try tuna, red snapper, salmon, mackerel, cooked prawn, octopus, cuttlefish, shrimp roe, broiled eel and crab fish cake in the authentic Japanese way.


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