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Monday, July 22, 2024
Philip Weiss
Islamic Art at the Louvre Abu Dhabi, but first Paris
Issue 106
Little has been done to promote Islamic art in recent years, but with the opening of a wing dedicated to it in the Louvre Paris and plans for a version of the L...Read more
The Green Sheikh of the UAE Abdul Aziz Al Nuaimi
Issue 106
Known throughout the UAE as the ‘Green Sheikh’, Abdul Aziz Al Nuami, has made it his mission to make the country environmentally awareRead more
The Launch of a new UAE Satellite makes region a Technological Hub
Issue 105
The latest UAE satellite and the second commercial telecommunications satellite – the Y1B was successfully launched on April 24, 2012, establishing the country ...Read more
Al Ain achieves UNESCO World Heritage Status
Issue 104
The fact that Al Ain is a treasure trove of historical sites has long been known in the UAE. Now the rest of the world is to learn of its importanceRead more
The Middle Eastern Express – a railway through the desert
Issue 104
Given how modernised it is in many respects, it may come as a surprise that the UAE has no railway line. However it makes sense when its harsh desert climate is...Read more
UAE Currency – A history lesson in your wallet
Issue 103
You don’t need to visit a museum to learn about the history of the UAE. Simply take a look at its currency.Read more
Hydroponic state of the art farming
Issue 102
The introduction of a new way of growing plants –using little water and no soil – could revolutionise the growing of vegetables in the UAE.Read more
Ahmed Bukhatir, Nasheed singer: “I feel lucky to have been born when I was, in...
Issue 100
Well known Nasheed singer Ahmed Bukhatir may never have excelled in his career were he not born in this era. He tells Al Shindagah why he’s proud to be a modern...Read more