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Saturday, July 20, 2024
Linda S. Heard

Linda S. Heard is a British syndicated political columnist and author specialising on the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Linda is regularly a guest television commentator on regional issues. 

She has spent many years in the region having lived in Cyprus, Greece, Algeria, Bahrain, Dubai, Lebanon.  She currently resides in Egypt.

Euphoria over North Korea’s about-turn premature
Issue 141
Donald Trump’s devoted rah-rah crowds believe their idol deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for his bellicose “fire and fury” tweets and economic sanctions, which the...Read more
Foreign meddling worsens Arab woes
Issue 133
President Barack Obama pledged to pivot US foreign policy interests away from the MENA region towards the Asia-Pacific. Like almost everything he’s touched, tha...Read more
Muslims should not apologize for terrorists
Issue 133
Muslims are constantly being asked to distant themselves from terrorist acts whereas they make up the majority of terrorism’s victims. According to Der Spiegel,...Read more
Will global pact on climate change deliver?
Issue 131
The impact of climate change isn’t just about the diminishing habitats of polar bears caused by melting glaciers and early thawing ice-caps. As if the plight of...Read more
‘Islamic State’ remains an enigma
Issue 129
According to the Council on Foreign Relations, the Islamic State can “trace its lineage to the aftermath of the US invasion of Iraq, in 2003” when the Jordanian...Read more
The world readies to invest in the ‘New Egypt’
Issue 126
Thursday, August 6th was a day that will forever be inscribed on the collective memory of the Egyptian people, not only due to the expected revenues and jobs th...Read more
Who’s leading the White House race?
Issue 125
Right now, the contenders for their party’s nomination have embarked on a marathon of campaigning which is not only costly but physically and mentally exhaustin...Read more
Obama’s flawed “tough conversation” on terrorism
Issue 124
It’s no secret that Gulf States have deep concerns about the framework agreement to limit Iran’s uranium enrichment capabilities, which they see as empowering a...Read more
UAE vs London
Issue 122
Emiratis are increasingly investing in the UAE property market, with a surge in demand for properties in Dubai fuelled in part by transactions sealed by UAE nat...Read more
Move over Dollar, make way for the Yuan
Issue 119
An increasing number of countries are quietly diversifying away from the Greenback and as many as 40 central banks are engaged in buying Chinese Yuan. Could the...Read more