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Optimal fitness

by Joanna Andrews

The cast of La Perle has to be in tip-top shape to be able to perform in such a physically demanding show. Joanna Andrews asked Pierric Morel, La Perle’s Operations Head of Performer Wellness, how he ensures that the artists are at their optimum fitness level.

How many hours of training do the La Perle artists need need per week?

The artists train for around 40 hours a week in a range of locations including during rehearsals in the theatre and in the gym, training and toning their bodies to be in the right condition for the show.

How many hours’ sleep do they require?

Artists are recommended to get at least eight hours of sleep per night. Their days are both physically and emotionally demanding – they need to ensure they feel rested and alert before they can come to the theatre.

What teams of people do they have around them?

I have a team of three people who are dedicated to the wellbeing of the artists.  From physiotherapy to acupressure and nutrition, the Performers’ Wellness Department handle it all.

What do the artists eat?

The cast eat a well-balanced, protein rich meal, that helps build and repair muscles quickly. We work closely with the artists, recommending the right foods for them, tailoring meal plans.

What does a typical day look like?

13:30pm – 14:30: The artists will start their day at La Perle with Performers’ Wellness Department’s reassessments.

14:30 – 15:00: Warm up begins in the theatre. The full cast comes together every morning to warm up their bodies for the day through fun exercises.

15:00 – 16:00: Artists work on the various disciplines, constantly rehearsing key acts and improving the choreography.

16:00pm – 17:00: The theatre technical team undergoes a soundcheck with the show’s singer, Battista and musician, Olivier.

17:00pm – 18:00: Dinnertime for the cast – they head to the canteen, where they all eat a special, high protein meal to help them stay nourished and full.

18:00pm – 19:00: The artists mentally prepare themselves for the show, getting into costume and doing their make-up ahead of show time.

19:00pm – 20:30: First show of the evening takes place.

20:30pm – 21:30: Artists come off stage, their costumes are transformed to be clean, dry and ready for the next performance. The cast members retire to the Green Room, a special lounge where they can recuperate ready for the next show.

21:30pm – 23:00: Second show of the evening begins.

23:00: Artists come off stage, change and head home ready for a good eight hours sleep before they begin their spectacular day again.

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