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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Letters to the Editor

by The Media Office

Thank you for sending a copy of Al Shindagah.

Having read Mr. Khalaf Al Habtoor's article" Why We Need an Arab Common Market," I could not agree more with the content. But I take this opportunity to forewarn the would-be architects of the Arab Common Market to take heed of the negative effect of setting up such a system in Europe. It is vitally important for the Arab nations not to repeat what is sadly happening in Europe.

Most sensible citizens will agree that to form a common trading block for countries geographically linked together is a positive step to ensure their strength when trading with the rest of the world.

However, what is unfolding in Europe is sadly rather more sinister, where the creation of a common market has been used to further a far more ambitious agenda of certain European politicians and civil servants.

When citizens of the various countries in Europe voted to enter the Common Market, they were led to believe that was the full extent of the deal.

Alas the European Court based in Strasburg has become the supreme power over laws made either in our own British Parliament or those of other member states... which are now not allowed to be called countries!

Internal economic policy of the members states that make up the European Union must now be made for the good of Europe and not the good of the member country!

This is in addition to the specific policies rendered by Brussels which are often to the detriment of member countries. The Common Agricultural Policy adds an average US $30 to the weekly food bill of the average British family. Millions of tons of fruit and vegetables throughout Europe are destroyed annually in order to keep prices artificially high...

The above is but a small snapshot of the madness that can occur in the name of common markets. In Europe the notion is being used to try and create a single unified Superstate.

So architects of the Arab Common Market take heed!

James Wright,
London, England 

Mr. Al Habtoor, congratulations on the superb March issue of Al Shindagah. You are providing leadership on many fronts.

I was particularly pleased to read your editorial, "Why We Need an Arab Common Market." Several years ago, Mr. Khalid A. Taher of Jeddah made the same proposal, offering his comments at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

You may already be acquainted with him. He heads the Taher Group of Companies, one of the largest business groups in Saudi Arabia and also has business interests in Great Britain .

Perhaps it is time that influential people like yourself got together to urge on the process of forming a powerful Arab trading bloc.

Former Senator Paul Findley,
Jacksonville, Illinois,

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