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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Magnificent ‘marble’

by Joanna Andrews

A rich source: The Blue Bahia mine in Pau Brasil
A rich source: The Blue Bahia mine in Pau Brasil
Sodalite is a blue mineral that is semi-transparent and opaque

Badin, the Brazilian major sodalite mining company, in partnership with Xclusive Stones has teamed up with a Dubai-based firm to offer something special to the interior design market: Sodalite – a rare and beautiful raw material. Joanna Andrews explains…

The Brazilian duo has signed an exclusive deal with Al Habtoor Trading Enterprises (HTE) to offer sodalite to the UAE market.

You may be excused for looking at these images and thinking they are marble. It is far from it! Sodalite is an extremely rare and expensive mineral from Brazil and Bolivia. It can also be found in Canada, Namibia, although Brazilian sodalite is far superior in quality. It is a perfect material for floors, walls, worktops, fountains and other decorative items - including jewellery. But it commands a high price. It is considered the most exquisite raw material in the world, and for a very good reason.

To extract the natural stone from the few quarries in the world requires first class expertise and know-how. And that’s where Badin comes in…

The company was established over 60 years ago and has the exclusive rights to explore the mine of Blue Bahia (Azul Bahia), located in the city of Pau Brasil in the state of Bahia, 1,100 kilometers from Rio de Janeiro. It has been in production of its Royal Sodalite Blue for more than 30 years, after decades of producing just small pieces. But recent technological advancements have made it possible to produce blocks and large slabs of sodalite. And the world of interior design is a better place for it.

The company currently exports to Europe, Asia and the United States, and offers a very unique product. Badin is the only producer of rough sodalite in Brazil. Its’ rough sodalite is considered one of the most beautiful in the world due to its rare qualities. It is deep royal blue in colour.

Not to be confused with lazurite and lapis lazuli, sodalite rarely contains pyrite (a common inclusion in lapis).

Badin’s partnership with Xclusive Stones includes the exploitation and production of irregular blocks of sodalite, with sizes ranging from two tons to 25 tons per block.

Sodalite is unique for its bright cobalt blue colour, which is irresistible. It is also known for its healing and spiritual qualities. Sodalite is said to emanate calmness, a clear mind and re-establish inner peace. So, if it becomes part of your home or office, you should benefit not only from its beauty but also its peaceful aura.

And there’s an added advantage to sodalite, it acts as a commodity, as it increases in value as time goes by, therefore it is considered an investment.

This exotic product has arrived in the UAE. With the region’s love affair for all things exquisite, it will no doubt be a winner.


Sodalite is a blue mineral that is semi-transparent, translucent and opaque.

Colour: ranges from dark blue to violet blue. The white veins can vary in colour (white, yellow, red, grey, green or pink).

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