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Monday, May 20, 2024

The Independent Nasserite Movement and The Lebanese Arab Red Crescent honour Khalaf Al Habtoor

by The Media Office

Dr Ziad Al-Ajouz of The Lebanese Arab Red Crescent presenting Khalaf Al Habtoor with a plaque.

The Independent Nasserites Movement and The Lebanese Arab Red Crescent paid tribute to Khalaf Al Habtoor on April 16,2012 by awarding him a shield of honour in recognition of his accomplishments in the role of Chairman of the Lebanese Social Development Society.

Al Habtoor was also given the ‘Shield of Relief and Emergency of the Health Office’ (of The Lebanese Arab Red Crescent) in recognition of his humanitarian activities in Lebanon.

Dr Ziad Al-Ajouz commented: “In these critical times, our Arab nation needs brave, noble men who can meet challenges and stand firm against enemies who wish ill on our nations. The man we honour, Khalaf Al Habtoor has both pan-Arab leadership skills and a great sense of humanity, qualities that are essential in a good leader.”

He added: “Khalaf Al Habtoor is known as a brilliant businessman. His success never stopped him from taking an interest in his people’s problems however. His articles convey a deep-rooted loyalty to the Arab world and the nobility and chivalry which characterises him. He describes our nation’s situation boldly and does not restrict himself to analysis; rather in his writing he expresses the need to restore our historical greatness and face our enemies head on.”

Al-Ajouz continued: “Khalaf Al Habtoor, a citizen of the United Arab Emirates, is a perfect example of both modesty and morality. This is hardly surprising given that he was born in a land which was the birthplace of the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan – a man who left his mark all over the world.

“Al Habtoor clearly cares about the cause of the Palestinians. He is concerned too about the Arab Ahwaz and he considers the three Emirati islands to be occupied land that must be liberated. The problems in Lebanon too are always on his mind, as is the plight of the Syrian people – he genuinely lies awake at night worrying about them.

“What’s more, the other GCC countries including Iraq and Egypt – in fact every inch of our Arab nation – occupy his thoughts. Khalaf Al Habtoor’s humanitarian qualities make him a leader and pioneer in offering a variety of services and extending a helping hand to countries around the world.”

At heart Al Habtoor is an Arab. We’re proud to be able to honour his great achievements and show him our loyalty and respect. Our nation is in dire need of men like him, who will help it to one day regain its dignity.”

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