Monday, July 22, 2024
Will global pact on climate change deliver?
Issue 131
by Linda S. Heard
The impact of climate change isn’t just about the diminishing habitats of polar bears caused by melting glaciers and early thawing ice-caps. As if the...Read more
Dr Jakob von Uexküll – CEO of the World Future Council
Issue 107
by Erin Mc Cafferty
Dr Jakob von Uexküll is the founder of the World Future Council – an organisation that aims to change laws around the world and is concerned with issues...Read more
Turtle and Shark
Issue 107
by Emmanuelle Landais
Small, friendly and altogether cute, it’s hard not to like turtles. And there’s no doubt the sight of one in its own environment of the Arabian Gulf can be...Read more
The Green Sheikh of the UAE Abdul Aziz Al Nuaimi
Issue 106
by Philip Weiss
Known throughout the UAE as the ‘Green Sheikh’, Abdul Aziz Al Nuami, has made it his mission to make the country environmentally awareRead more
The UAE embraces nuclear energy
Issue 104
by Charlotte Kan
After the nuclear disaster in Fukashima, Japan last year, many countries are turning their backs on nuclear energy. So why is the UAE embracing it?Read more
Hydroponic state of the art farming
Issue 102
by Philip Weiss
The introduction of a new way of growing plants –using little water and no soil – could revolutionise the growing of vegetables in the UAE.Read more
Land Management
Issue 98
by Renier Els
With the existence of serious global problems like desertification, polar ice melting, erosion and deforestation, let's face it, existing land management...Read more
The Greening of the Desert
Issue 14
by Reem Mahmoud
A look at the efforts of the UAE to transform its cities into urban paradises. Greenery now abounds in Dubai’s gardens, parks, streets and roundabouts,...Read more