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Friday, June 14, 2024
Chairman's Message
by Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor
Seeing the rise of powerful economic blocks across much of the globe injects a anote of urgency into the debate about creating a wrokable and powerful Arab...Read more
Tennis Racket
by The Media Office
As the dust settles on the tennis courts at the Metropolitan Resort and Beach Club in Dubai, after the success of the Gulf’s first ever women’s...Read more
Doing it in Dubai Cars
by The Media Office
It is a well-accepted fact in the car industry that most owners of 4X4s rarely use their vehicles’ off-roading capabilities. In many parts of the world...Read more
Giovanni, don, al diyafah, pizza
by The Media Office
I eat antipasta twice, because she is so nice.... Good, cheap pizza is not easy to find in Dubai. The choice is extreme. Read more
Building Blocks
by Luzia Karim
The sustained twenty-year growth of construction in the UAE is amazing. The sustained twenty-year growth of construction in the UAE is amazing. Read more
by Luzia Karim
Never a cab around when you need one? Not for long, if Dubai Transport has anything to do with it, found Luiza Karim Read more
The Art of being an Arab
by Alex Philips
Art dealers are tipping the work of a number of Arab artists as hot investments for the future. Al Shindagah took a look at the UAE’s burgeoning art scene...Read more
Women in Islam
by Luzia Karim
Women play an important role in Islamic societies yet many people unfamiliar with Islam believe the opposite is true. In part three of our series Women in...Read more
Time and Money
by Luzia Karim
The lack of a stock market in the UAE means investors are increasingly turning to investment funds to place their capital. Luiza Karim looks at how to make...Read more
In The Mix
by Vincent White
Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, Oman, Sudan, Jerusalem and Jordan to name but a few. Dubai is host to an amazing mix of nationalities and in the...Read more
The Drugs Don't Work
by Zac Sharpe
The world’s illegal drug industry is worth US$400 billion. No country escapes the problem of drug addiction, so the only way to deal with it is to face up...Read more
Al Habtoor News
by The Media Office
Al Habtoor News PicturesRead more
A Day at the Races
by The Media Office
While the thoroughbred horses from the Maktoum family’s Godolphin stables usually steal the racing industry kudos, not to mention prize money and...Read more