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In 1989, Didier PARAKIAN created his first ready-to-wear women's line. In recognition of his enthusiasm and dedication, the brand bears his name.

Didier PARAKIAN created his company right after the graduation from college, an audacious project of which he made a complete success, a fact sufficiently rare in France to be worth mentioning. Thirteen years and twenty five collections later, the brand is still marked by a strong personality, reflection of an attractive model family enterprise, combining commercial success and human values.

From his Armenian origin, Didier PARAKIAN preserved his style and spirit. Each of his collections is spiced with an oriental note and enhanced with a touch of sophistication. Alliance of beautiful materials, fluids and refined, carrousel of colours, inspiration from abroad, the garments of PARAKIAN are vertiginous walk around the world, in which stars are the keynote. Impetuous, mysterious, captivating, feminine, volcanic, in a word, attractive as a woman can be.

Asked on his recent trip to Dubai to describe the PARAKIAN woman, the designer replied: " A woman at the height of her serenity. In full bloom. Radiant. Self-confident. A woman who listens to her heart. Seductive and sophisticated. A woman who has found herself, is well-balanced and confident of her tastes. Nevertheless, she is also capable of audacity and surprises. A cultivated, subtle woman with inner values. Sensitive to fashion, but not a fashion victim. A woman living with her time, attentive to everything new, without being obsessed by the desire to stay young. A woman of all ages, sensitive to designs touching her heart, which evoke an authentic sense of feminine eternity."

Inspired by two important trends, Didier PARAKIAN creates a subtle ambivalence. Oriental arabesques blend together with sophisticated lines. An impression of Siberia heated by the sun of Sahara desert. At the antipode of minimalist chic, in the heart of the "neo-baroque" trend, Didier PARAKIAN present his themes with a hint of the Belle - Époque spirit and the turn of the century.

The oriental influence of the brand's designs opens the door to the international market. The very colourful prints are exclusively manufactured for this brand. Sophistication is the trademark: embroidery, brocade, trimmings…For each theme inspired by a different idea, a series of matching elements is created, accompanied by their accessories.

Today Didier PARAKIAN is widely represented. The brand has a national and international network, comprising approximately 850 sales outlets and showrooms worldwide.

In Dubai, the exclusive agent for Didier PARAKIAN is Abu Diwan Trading, with Didier PARAKIAN Boutique located in Deira City Centre.

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