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Handy Man

Originally from Hong Kong's New Territories, where he learned his trade, the Metropolitan Hotel's chinese chef, Chee Kam Kwan, is one of the most popular employees at the hotel. Able to cook in many chinese styles, including Peking, Xiamen, Chu-chow, Cantonese and Hakka, chef Kwan's most impressive skill is the speed with which he can hand-make chinese noodles. Starting out stacking and washing pots at 15 years-old, it took Kwan seven years of study to become a fully-fledged chef, with an extra two years to learn the art of hand-making noodles. Chef Kwan's has previously worked in Taiwan and is now on his second posting in Dubai. Chef Kwan demonstrates his noodle making skills at the Summer Place restaurant at the Metropolitan Hotel, Dubai every Thursday. To book a table call +971-4-343-1111.

An Ice Surprise

Eduardo Tangalin, the Metropolitan Palace Hotel's kitchen artist, took part in the Inter Hotel Ice Carving Competition at the Metropolitan Hotel, Dubai. With temperatures outside soaring into the high forties, Eduardo and his fellow competitors had 90 minutes to carve a 250 kg block of ice based on a surprise theme. With only manual tools allowed the competitors needed strength as well as creativity to produce a winning sculpture. Eduardo, from Manila, Phillipines, began his career with the Sheraton Manila and has won awards for his carvings of chocolate, butter and vegetables. "I start with a sketch, which is then translated into the carving," says Eduardo. After 5 years at the Sheraton Manila, he spent 3 years with Ramada in Manila before joining the Metropolitan Palace for its grand opening. Edurado's creative talents are not restricted to food. His talents are utilised as a function designer. He also uses styrofoam to create colourful characters and fittings to adorn Metropolitan Palace Hotel's different outlets.