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Growing Nations
As Gulf populations grow governments and businesses will be faced with new challenges in dealing with an ever-expanding army of consumers and job-seekers.

Dubai Shopping Festival 2000

Just Too Slick
Despite being a country that has grown up on a diet of oil and natural resources, the United Arab Emirates has faced criticism for its reaction to environmental disasters.

A whole new ball game
The Middle East is regarded as one of the final frontiers that the sport of rugby is yet to conquer on it's global crusade.

Flying Visit
The new millennium will see one of Dubai's most exciting developments come to fruition, and Al Shindagah enjoys a guided tour of the futuristic project to be used by millions of travellers to the emirate every year

Future Mitsubishi
Barry Jordan was at the Tokyo Motor show and got a glimpse of what Mitsubishi plans to offer Gulf drivers in the not-so-distant future

Well Stocked
Luiza Karim looks back on the past year's activities in the Gulf and Middle East's stock markets

Metropolitan Hotel
Rising from the Ashes

Beirut hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons in the latter decades of the last Millennium, but, as David Williams found out, one Dubai business is helping the city get back onto to its feet and regain the faith of the hospitality industry once again

The Joys Of Ramadan And Eid

If you are a non-Muslim living in the Muslim world, Ramadan can be a strange experience. Birjees Hussein explains the various traditions and customs of the holy month.

Maria The Copt
In our continuing series about exemplary women in Islamic history, Sheikh Faris Ali Al Mustafa turns the spotlight on Maria the Copt


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